Jim Pattison Centre featured in Award Magazine article

Award-June-2013_189wThe Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Technologies and Renewable Energy Conservation was recently featured in the June 2013 issue of Award Magazine. The article, “Changing Attitudes” explores sustainable design strategies and technologies, along with the often rigorous standards required for certification.

Though the requirements for LEED, ASHRAE and other environmental standards are challenging, and in some cases not well-understood, the appetite for sustainable design endures. Many commercial clients no longer see sustainability as an add-on service, but expect green practices to be embedded into the design and construction process.

These expectations, along with government subsidies, are making sustainable building practices more common in North America. Though challenges exist between human attitudes, regulations, and utilizing appropriate ¬†green technology, we couldn’t be happier to see sustainable design practices becoming more common place in the architecture industry!


Award is Canada’s best read design and construction magazine, and has a strong focus on sustainability.¬†

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