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Surrey Memorial Hospital Critical Care Tower Emergency set to open

The emergency department at the Surrey Memorial Hospital Critical Care Tower, designed by CEI Architecture and Parkin Architects in Joint Venture, is set to open on Tuesday, October 1, 2013.

The hospital has long had the Province of B.C.’s busiest emergency department, and with the opening of the new facility it now has the biggest, at 57,000 square feet.

As a recent article in the Vancouver Sun notes, the state-of-the-art ER has many innovative design features informed by the latest evidence-based design principles:

  • Private treatment rooms with walls (not curtains) and glass fronts so health care professionals can monitor patients from nursing stations.
  • White boards in every room so patients and their families can have interactive communication with health care teams.
  • A pediatric ER with a separate entrance for an anticipated 18,000 to 24,000 patient visits.
  • A trauma room with three bays that has the first ceiling boom of its kind in Canada. The boom contains the cables and cords for equipment such as special LED surgery lights that can be readily swung into position for use.
  • A dozen treatment rooms for patients with infectious diseases. The rooms have their own bathrooms so contagious patients don’t expose others. They also have ante rooms where health care staff can put on their protective masks, gowns and gloves.
  • A medical imaging unit close to the trauma area where an anticipated 70,000 tests will be done each year. The CT scanner features a ceiling design of blue sky and blooming cherry trees, in a nod to anxious patients who can now gaze up at something other than dreary walls.
  • An all-concrete, six-ambulance holding garage area that can be converted into a disaster command centre.