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Wedgewood Park Recreation Centre out to tender

Excitement is growing for the Wedgewood Park Recreation Centre as the design and contract documents are now complete. The project has now gone out to tender, and is coming close to closing.

Throughout the drawing preparation process, the detailing and material selections have aimed to maintain the original ideas of functionality and programming flexibility. The gym will feature a fusion floor system of a polyurethane finish surface over a resilient system to allow for multipurpose activities as well as sports activities.  Folding acoustic walls separate a number of program rooms allowing spaces to double in size for those larger group activities yet acoustically separate the rooms when smaller functions require smaller spaces. Even the main reception desk has incorporated adjustable height work surfaces in consideration of ergonomics for each individual’s working style.

Check out the animation for the final design result on Wedgewood Park Recreation Centre’s project page.



CEI’s Robert Parlane presents at Rethink Landfill

On Thursday, November 21 at 5 pm, CEI Architecture’s Robert Parlane will be part of a presentation on the Glenmore Landfill Administration Building at Rethink Landfill, part of the Building the Future Speakers Series,

Robert Parlane and Trevor Butler, of Integral Group, will explore how a modern administration centre for the Glenmore Landfill addresses sustainability through regenerative design, environmental footprint, holistic solutions and industrial ecology. Specifically, they will consider how the building incorporates innovative technologies such as composting toilets and earth tubes, and uses landfill methane as the primary energy source.

The building, designed by CEI Architecture, was recently honoured with a Community Recognition Award by the Canadian Wood Council and Wood WORKS! BC.

The event is hosted by the Okanagan Institute. Click here to register.

Robert Parlane joined CEI Architecture in 2009. He has led several projects of significant sustainable ambition, including the Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence at Okanagan College, designed to the rigorous standards of the Living Building Challenge. Originally from Bath, England, he has lived with his family in Kelowna for over ten years.

Rethink Landfill takes place at the Bohemian Cafe, 524 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna. This marks the 261st event the Okanagan Institute has held since 2007. The Building the Future Speakers Series is presented by the Cascadia Green Building Council, CoCo Laboratory and RAIC Centre for Architecture at Athabaska University in association with the Okanagan Institute.



Join us on November 20th for a BIM Networking Event




CEI architect Mary Chow on social media and community engagement

Mary Chow, a CEI architect and associate, recently returned from Europe after being invited to speak at the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS) Congress in Cologne, Germany and The Association for International Sports for All (TAFISA) Congress in Enschede, Netherlands. The topic of her presentation was Using Social Media to Engage Communities.

Social media is an evolving and fast-growing trend that has considerable influence on the way individuals connect and communicate with each other. Mary was able to share how this form of communication has positively impacted projects at CEI, such as the Richmond City Centre Community Centre, and how we have been able to use social media tools to reach out to communities to generate support and interest in new projects and programs.

IAKS is a non-profit organization devoted to the development of sports and leisure facilities throughout the world. This year’s congress focused on current global trends for facility construction and included speakers from around the world.

TAFISA was founded in the 1960s as a gathering of international personalities and leaders interested and working in the field of sport. The main theme of the TAFISA Congress was “Sustainability and Sport for All–New Learning and Understandings.” International speakers from sports backgrounds presented ideas that encouraged the propagation and sustainability of sports in communities.




Conrad Boychuk joins jury at IAKS Congress

In July, CEI’s Conrad Boychuk traveled to Cologne as a jury member for the Exemplary Awards for Sports and Leisure Facility and the Students and Young Professionals Design Competition. These award programs, sponsored by the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, and the IAKS, brought together over 97 submissions from around the world.

The awards were presented at the IAKS Congress held in Cologne in October. Conrad was also involved in the congress, chairing with Austria’s Karin Schwarz-Viechtbauer the feature session dealing with 6 of the award winning submission.



Mica Heli Ski Lodge honoured with Award of Excellence from Southern Interior Construction Association

Mica Heli Ski Lodge won an award of excellence from the Southern Interior Construction Association (SICA) in the Hospitality category. The project was completed with Vic Van Isle Construction.

Due to its remote location above Kinbasket Lake near Revelstoke, BC, the project faced a number of logistical challenges in its construction. Materials were transported to the site via barge over approximately 220 trips. Construction spanned a total of eight months, and was finished just in time for the 2012-2013 ski season.

Other projects completed by CEI that received honours at the SICA awards include:

City Park Washroom, City Park, Kelowna
Award of Merit (Community category)
(with MGC Construction)

Okanagan Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant
Green Award Winner (Community category)
(with Greyback Construction and AECOM)

Black Hills Wine Experience Centre
Merit Award (Wine Industry category)
(with Greyback Construction)

A full list of winners can be found on SICA’s website.