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Port Hardy Multiplex Charrette a Success

Public buildings are a primary avenue for municipalities to express their goals and aspirations.

Last June, we hosted a charrette with the District of Port Hardy to allow stakeholders, as well as the community, to experience and review the initial concept and provide their feedback on a proposed multiplex.

We enlisted the help of Gradio Media to capture the essence of the charrette and to highlight the need for a multiplex within this budding community.



Members of the community are excited to see this project to completion, seeing it as a “hub to drive sports and recreation” as well as a gathering place to draw more people to the north island.

A local resident wrote a letter to the Mayor expressing her excitement for the new swimming pool:


"Dear Mayor Hank, thank you for the tore arownd yore office. I can't wait intill you make the new swimming pool. Sincerely Annie"

“Dear Mayor Hank, thank you for the tore arownd yore office. I can’t wait intill you make the new swimming pool. Sincerely Annie”


On October 22nd, 2016, the community voted 77.25% in favor of the multiplex project.



HDR | CEI is excited to embark on this journey with the District of Port Hardy and look forward to the next phase of the project.



The Power of Great Design

Blogger: Doug Wignall, President of Architecture
December 31, 2016


As I travel to our offices around the world, I am struck by the amazing stories I hear of how our talented professionals are producing great design that delivers value.

We deliver value when we assemble multi-disciplinary teams that foster progress. We deliver value when we design complex and integrated building systems that support advanced discovery. We deliver value when we design communities that enrich the ways people work, live and play. We deliver value when we create architecture that enhances our day-to-day experiences, that creates a sense of place that is meaningful to the society it serves. We deliver value when we design systems that are regenerative and restorative, that respect the human impact of our work. We deliver value when we think beyond buildings and innovate across disciplines, geographies and firms to improve the human condition.

We are able to realize these accomplishments through a commitment to design excellence and by embracing the tenets of our design philosophy:

  • Elevate the Vision
  • Reinvest Smart
  • Value People, Place and Time
  • Express Integration
  • Capture a Bold Idea

I’m proud of all that we’ve achieved, and I think the 39 design awards we’ve received in 2016—for architecture, interior design, engineering, graphic design, product design and experience design—is an impressive symbol of the immense progress we’ve made. It also leaves me exhilarated by the possibilities that lie ahead in this coming year.

For the last last two years, we’ve celebrated our previous year’s accomplishments in an annual “Year in Review” video. This year we’ve done the same, providing a glimpse into all of our award-winning project work for 2016. (A complete list of all awards can be found here.)

I’m honored to work with so many dedicated professionals, who work hard to make great things happen in many corners of the world.