Our focus on quality control helps us deliver effective, thoughtful design for our clients.

  • Building Information Modeling

    HDR | CEI has fully embraced Building Information Modeling, incorporating it into all our new projects. BIM information provides a rich source of data that ultimately helps us and our clients make informed decisions that save time and money. BIM eliminates many of the uncertainties of the design and construction process, since potentially problematic issues are identified and addressed well before breaking ground, resulting in a smoother construction process. In addition to using the building information modeling in our designs, we facilitate the BIM process for our clients, consultants and contractors, resulting in better collaboration and tighter teams.

  • Lean Design

    The principles of lean design are built into our process, with the objective of providing value to our clients and minimizing waste. At each phase of a project we review our decisions to make more efficient use of materials, costs and processes, and how to ensure the final facility functions efficiently for its end users. Our team’s approach to lean design emphasizes direct consultation with staff and other stakeholders, to completely understand their unique systems and needs. Through collaboration with experienced individuals, we are better able to understand which program elements are essential for maximum efficiency, and how to provide creative solutions that just plain work.

  • Environmental Stewardship

    As architects, we have the opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment by the choices we make in our designs and processes. That’s why we integrate environmentally sustainable thinking into everything we do. We pursue sustainable solutions in our workplace (we’re a Climate Smart-certified business), encourage our staff to pursue LEED accreditation, and incorporate environmentally sensitive strategies into our projects at all levels. We’ve worked with many sustainable certification systems, including the Living Building Challenge, LEED and Green Globes, and we look for clients who share our green values.