Saskatoon Stadium Feasibility Study



HDR | CEI developed a concept design for a new 28,000-seat outdoor spectator facility as part of a new North American sports franchise. It included 32 private suites, two large party rooms, dressing rooms for both football and soccer, and a split-level public concourse which provided diverse and unique seating opportunities for patrons with disabilities.

The client had identified a number of possible sites for the facility. HDR | CEI reviewed each on the basis of fit, synergistic neighbourhood development, accessibility, and urban design impact.

HDR | CEI provided a number of roofing alternatives for consideration, and developed the program of spaces for all building components with the exception of the total seating and the number of private suites, which had been determined by a previously prepared business plan.

Overall construction costs assumed a start date of July 2010. Costs were projected at $117,000,000 for a partial roofing system (illustrated) and $134,000,000 for a fully roofed option.

Project Cost





December 2010


Saskatchewan Place


Saskatoon, SK


Recreation & Community