Al Anderson Memorial Pool


Making a splash in Langley.

In 2007, HDR | CEI conducted a concept study and design charrette for the City of Langley to help determine expansion options and viability for one of BC’s most popular outdoor pool complexes. The design charrette, which included City officials and representatives from a number of different stakeholder groups, established the goals of improving the pool complex and finding some creative ways in which the facility could add programmatic and functional value to the surrounding public park.

The concept study developed a new outdoor pool plan complete with lazy river and zero entry for tots. It was conceived with both outdoor pool and enclosed pool options. On completion, the concept study was used to help secure stimulus funding grants.

In 2009 the project moved forward with a phase one component addition, which was completed in Spring 2011. The project included:

  • Landscape improvements.
  • New provisions for site and building safety (including a new fire truck access route).
  • New spectator canopies at the pool deck.
  • A new secure fence enclosure at the perimeter of the pool deck.
  • Improvements to the existing building (such as roofing and structural upgrades).
  • A significantly-sized and a much-needed separate service and storage room.

The main addition includes a family change room, new accessible washrooms, a year-round-use multi-purpose and staff room, staff change areas, additional storage spaces, and a revised entry area with new entry canopy.

Project Cost



7,900 sq ft


May 2011

Sustainable Features

  • Low VOC paint
  • Natural day-lighting wherever possible
  • Limited finishes and materials to save cost and reduce environmental impact
  • Reduced building heat-gain during the summer months (when it is mainly occupied) through choice of building materials, siting and orientation of the building (limiting glass exposure to the south), and natural through-ventilation

“The City now has a fantastic facility… [which] will serve our citizens for years to come.”

Peter Fassbender

Mayor, City of Langley


City of Langley


Langley, BC


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