Hooded Merganser Restaurant


The nature of things.

The goal in designing this 120-seat lakeside restaurant, led by HDR | CEI’s Nick Bevanda, was to create a building that responds to the beautiful natural surrounding of the Okanagan Valley.

The concept of a light, curved roof, buttressed by concrete masses, was developed early on. The exterior is constructed from poured concrete walls acting as buttresses that provide the necessary shear elements on the east and west ends. A concrete gutter ties the two forms together while collecting rainfall and providing shelter as you make your way to the main entrance from the bridge. The form of the gutter reinforces the fluid nature of the roof form and collects potentially high volumes of rain from the sudden rain flashes common in the spring. As the gutter fills, the water pours out of the ends as a waterfall.

The Ministry of Environment required environmental improvements equal to the area of the building. The design team proposed 6,000 square feet (equal to the lake area impacted by building) of lake edge to be converted from concrete retaining walls to a naturalized landscape, to enhance fish and wildlife habitat. Today, this new green belt habitat is home to many baby ducks and fish looking for food or rest. Occasionally we even see a Hooded Merganser.

Project Cost



6,000 sq ft


May 2005

Sustainable Features

  • Ground-source heat pump provides hot or cool water to the radiant flooring
  • Expansive glazing maximizes daylight and views
  • 6,000 square feet of lake edge converted to fish and wildlife habitat


Awards for Excellence in Concrete Construction, Cast In Place Structures, 2006

BC Ready-Mixed Concrete Association


Hooded Merganser Restaurant


Penticton, BC


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