Northwest Community College Smithers Campus


Northern Exposure.

This project offers the Northwest Community College a significant addition to the campus in terms of capacity and functionality. With a renovation to the 7,760 square foot existing building and a new addition of 20,020 square feet, the capacity of the college is nearly tripled.

The new two-storey addition includes a vaulted gathering space, improved video conferencing and distance education capabilities. The college now has additional classroom space, wet and dry science labs, a multi-purpose shop for trades programs, expanded library and a computer lab. A vaulted galleria connects the new and existing structures.

Visitors will find the campus has been consolidated into a single, wheel-chair accessible building that not only enhances the learning environment, but also uses the latest in green building technology. We placed special attention on designing a welcoming entrance area. The two-storey addition is designed around a galleria space that brings natural light into the interior of the building and aids natural ventilation throughout. This major renovation and addition was accomplished with complex phasing and planning to ensure that the campus remained open and functional for as long as possible.

The revitalized campus features wood, rock and First Nations art throughout—symbolizing forestry, mining and First Nations culture. These themes represent Northwest Community College’s connection and commitment to the communities of the Northwest and give students and instructors a sense of belonging within the college.

Project Cost



27,780 sq ft


Mar 2011

Sustainable Features

  • Ample natural light into the interior spaces
  • Natural ventilation
  • Significant use of heavy timber
  • Reflective roof surfaces which minimize solar heat gain
  • Solar energy collection through photovoltaic panels
  • Geo-thermal energy to generate heat

“The building has been transformed into a beautiful, green, vibrant facility designed with the needs of our students in mind.”

Dr. Denise Henning

NWCC President


Northwest Community College


Smithers, BC


Science & Technology, Academic