Seymour Village Residential Development


Historic Modernist buildings in the Pacific Northwest and their interaction with the natural environment inspire the design for the Seymour Village Residential Development. The project is being completed as a partnership between the Aquilini Investment Group and the Tsleil-Waututh Nation.

Seymour Village provides housing options that include single-family houses, as well as attached townhomes and multistory apartment buildings. The homes are clustered around central courtyards that provide amenity space for the individual homes. The courtyards are linked and provide access to green space for recreation, which encourages interaction with the natural surroundings.

The buildings are oriented to maximize views towards the Burrard Inlet. The designs are contemporary and incorporate natural materials such as wood. HDR | CEI designed the buildings to maximize natural light, and separated the private spaces for living and sleeping from the busier street level.

Project Cost

Phase 1: $20,000,000


50 units (Phase 1)




Aquilini Investment Group in partnership with the Tsleil-Waututh Nation


North Vancouver, BC