Griffith Woods School


The new Griffith Woods Kindergarten to Grade 9 school has been designed to have capacity for 900 students. As Griffith Woods is the first school under the Calgary Board of Education’s (CBE) purview with this student age mix, and due to the highly restrictive nature of the site assigned to accommodate it, the Design Team was tasked with creating a new design model for the CBE.

The school will be a full blend of K-9, without designated territory for elementary school or middle school classes. Spatial organization will reflect 21st Century Learning concepts and principles, with close attention paid to flexibility, collaboration, and experiential learning. The workspace will be professional and supportive, and will encourage collaboration and hands-on learning while accommodating diverse learning strategies and optimizing technology support.

The project is targeting LEED Silver, and the design will emphasize a healthy learning environment with access to daylight, views, good air quality, and thermal comfort.

Project Cost



81,665 sq ft


Spring 2018


Calgary Board of Education


Calgary, AB