Terravista Vineyards


Rooted in the Okanagan.

In the spring of 2012, Terravista Vineyards opened the doors of its new winery facility. The boutique winery, located between Penticton and Naramata, was started by Bob and Senka Tennant, the founders of Black Hills Estate Winery. It was designed to suit the production and storage needs of the winemakers, who plan to produce up to 2000 cases of wine a year.

Not only is Terravista committed to producing quality wine from locally grown grapes, but even the winery building itself has local flavour. The structure is uniquely sculpted to its site, using materials that make it an ideal match for the climate and landscape of the region. The winery building is constructed from concrete, with an angled roof that complements the contours of the surrounding hills. The structure is nestled into the corner of the five-acre vineyard, in a natural bowl in the landscape.

A deep roof overhang is cantilevered to provide a natural sunshade, supported by a minimal structure that does not interfere with the circulation of people and machinery during the wine production process. The building’s face is clad in glass to provide expansive views of the vineyard, and to draw natural light deep into the building. Appropriate for this bright new spot on the Okanagan wine scene.

Project Cost



2,000 sq ft


April 2012

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Terravista Vineyards


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