West Fraser Centre


Building Community.

HDR | CEI is currently working on the design of a new 1,400-seat spectator arena to replace an existing arena in the Quesnel and District Twin Arenas facility.

The existing arena was constructed in the late 1950s and no longer meets the needs of the region’s residents. The new design will be intended to be a focal point for the community, and will not only meet ice programming needs, but will also serve as a venue for live entertainment, trade shows, and community events. The new NHL-sized ice pad will be complemented with a home-team dressing room, and multi-purpose spaces.

As forestry is a major industry in Quesnel, the use of wood products in the facility’s design was of great importance to community stakeholders, and has been incorporated into the concept design.

Project Cost



60,000 sq ft


Summer 2016

"I look forward to the first event in the West Fraser Centre.”

Mary Sjostrom

Quesnel Mayor


Cariboo Regional District and the City of Quesnel


Quesnel, BC


Recreation & Community