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Edmonds Community Centre wins IPC/IAKS Distinction


Edmonds Community Centre and Fred Randall Pool
has been honoured with an IPC/IAKS Distinction award from the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities.

129 projects from around the world competed for awards demonstrating excellence in sports, leisure, and recreational facilities. Overall, 31 projects were recognized at the Awards Gala which took place in Cologne, Germany on October 27th.

The IPC/IAKS Distinction award is aimed at increasing the accessibility of all sports and leisure facilities in order to offer all people, regardless of their physical abilities, opportunities to practise and view sport without barriers. Four projects in the ‘Indoor facilities for sports, leisure, and recreation’ category were recognized with the ‘Distinction’ award. Edmonds joins other notable projects designed by MJMA, Zaha Hadid, and Herzog De Meuron.

Accessibility and inclusivity were key considerations for the architectural team during the design process of the facility. Adapted equipment and features were incorporated throughout Edmonds Community Centre to make recreation more accessible to people with physical disabilities. The ethnically diverse neighborhood demographic also impacted the design, as change room and shower spaces address differing cultural requirements for modesty and privacy.

The IAKS/IOC award adds to the recognition the community centre has received since its opening, including receiving the BC Recreation and Parks Association’s 2015 Facility Excellence Award.



Edmonds Community Centre awarded BCRPA Facility of the Year Award

Edmonds3Burnaby’s Edmonds Community Centre and Fred Randall Pool was honoured with the BC Recreation and Parks Association’s Facility of Excellence Award at this year’s annual Symposium which took place in Victoria on May 8.

The 95,000 square foot community centre is the fifth CEI-designed facility to be recognized by the provincial awards, joining other notable projects such as the Cloverdale Recreation Centre in Surrey and Coquitlam’s Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex.

Each year, the BCRPA recognizes outstanding programs, dedicated professionals, and innovative facilities that enhance the recreation, parks, and culture services sector. The full award list can be viewed here.

Congratulations to all the members of the project team on a job well done!



New William Griffin Recreation Centre presented to community

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A Public Information Meeting was held in the District of North Vancouver on January 22 to present and gather plans for the new William Griffin Community Recreation Centre to the community and gather feedback on the design.

The meeting was well attended, with 87 people present to hear what CEI Architecture’s Mark Hentze, Sid Johnson, and representatives from the District of North Vancouver and North Vancouver Recreation Commission (NVRC) had to share about the project.

Of particular interest to the community were the plans to rehabilitate the riparian zone to the west of the building, along Mosquito Creek. The building will also be targeting LEED Gold certification with a number of sustainability features.

The building, targeting LEED Gold, will include NVRC Administration offices; aquatics space including a 25 metre pool, leisure pool, whirlpool, sauna, steam room, and change rooms; program areas for seniors, youth, and preschool; community kitchen; multi-purpose rooms; rental meeting space; arts and crafts areas; fitness areas including an activity studio, full-sized gymnasium, weight room, stretching room, and fitness studio; and squash courts.

The existing facility closed on December 31, 2013 and demolition is planned to begin in March. Construction will start this summer, with a tentative opening targeted for early in 2016.



Wedgewood Park Recreation Centre out to tender

Excitement is growing for the Wedgewood Park Recreation Centre as the design and contract documents are now complete. The project has now gone out to tender, and is coming close to closing.

Throughout the drawing preparation process, the detailing and material selections have aimed to maintain the original ideas of functionality and programming flexibility. The gym will feature a fusion floor system of a polyurethane finish surface over a resilient system to allow for multipurpose activities as well as sports activities.  Folding acoustic walls separate a number of program rooms allowing spaces to double in size for those larger group activities yet acoustically separate the rooms when smaller functions require smaller spaces. Even the main reception desk has incorporated adjustable height work surfaces in consideration of ergonomics for each individual’s working style.

Check out the animation for the final design result on Wedgewood Park Recreation Centre’s project page.



CEI architect Mary Chow on social media and community engagement

Mary Chow, a CEI architect and associate, recently returned from Europe after being invited to speak at the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS) Congress in Cologne, Germany and The Association for International Sports for All (TAFISA) Congress in Enschede, Netherlands. The topic of her presentation was Using Social Media to Engage Communities.

Social media is an evolving and fast-growing trend that has considerable influence on the way individuals connect and communicate with each other. Mary was able to share how this form of communication has positively impacted projects at CEI, such as the Richmond City Centre Community Centre, and how we have been able to use social media tools to reach out to communities to generate support and interest in new projects and programs.

IAKS is a non-profit organization devoted to the development of sports and leisure facilities throughout the world. This year’s congress focused on current global trends for facility construction and included speakers from around the world.

TAFISA was founded in the 1960s as a gathering of international personalities and leaders interested and working in the field of sport. The main theme of the TAFISA Congress was “Sustainability and Sport for All–New Learning and Understandings.” International speakers from sports backgrounds presented ideas that encouraged the propagation and sustainability of sports in communities.




Conrad Boychuk joins jury at IAKS Congress

In July, CEI’s Conrad Boychuk traveled to Cologne as a jury member for the Exemplary Awards for Sports and Leisure Facility and the Students and Young Professionals Design Competition. These award programs, sponsored by the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, and the IAKS, brought together over 97 submissions from around the world.

The awards were presented at the IAKS Congress held in Cologne in October. Conrad was also involved in the congress, chairing with Austria’s Karin Schwarz-Viechtbauer the feature session dealing with 6 of the award winning submission.



Recreation and community centre design article by CEI architect Mark Hentze

The Recreation Facilities Association of British Columbia published an article written by CEI Architecture’s Mark Hentze in their fall issue of Facility to Facility magazine. Mark wrote about distinguishing between the design of various types of public recreation facilities, from recreation centres, wellness centres, to community centres, and how to meet the needs of various user groups.

This article comes on the heels of the opening of the Edmonds Community Centre and Fred Randall Pool in Burnaby. The building offers something for all age groups and users, with two full-size gymnasiums, a natatorium, fitness centre, active studio, six multipurpose rooms, a seniors lounge, youth lounge, and preschool/playcare centre with an indoor playground.

Read the full article starting on page 16 of Facility to Facility magazine.



LED technology: A bright idea.

Athletic Business Magazine discussed the benefits of using LED lighting in pool facilities in their July issue and included CEI Architecture’s design of Edmonds Pool and Community Centre as a case study. 

Though LED (light-emitting diode) fixtures are about twice the price as incandescent bulbs initially, their superior efficiency and long-term return on investment has spiked popularity. Similarly, LED lights outlast traditional alternatives, cutting replacement and maintenance costs, while also providing new design opportunities.

“Usually what happens is you’re doing backstroke and you’re looking up at the ceiling, and if you have ceiling beams, that’s what people follow to stay inline,” says CEI’s Mary Chow. “We suggested that horizontal bars be dropped down and fitted with LED lights that run parallel to the lanes.” By eliminating the costs associated with changing overhead bulbs, swimmers will now follow an LED-lit path to the finish line.

CEI Architecture also utilized underwater colour-change LED lights in the lap pool, a fun feature to benefit the many youth programs scheduled for the Centre.




William Griffin Community Recreation Centre Open House

The William Griffin Community Recreation Centre Open House was held on June 27, giving North Vancouver residents an opportunity to see the progress made on the project to date.

CEI Architecture team members, including Partner-in-Charge Mark Hentze, received a great deal of positive feedback on the current design on display at the event, and were happy to answer questions about the project.

Construction of the new 84,000-square-foot facility is expected to begin early next year, with the official opening scheduled for spring/summer 2016.

To see the preliminary design concepts and more information about the project, please visit the District of North Vancouver website.



Edmonds Pool and Community Centre preparing to open

The Edmonds Pool and Community Centre is just weeks away from opening in Burnaby, BC. Residents of the community can look forward to amenities including a six-lane, 25-metre pool, leisure pool with zero beach entry, warm swim/therapy lanes, lazy river with two channels, double waterslide, modesty change spaces, and a series of innovative accessibility features. A community centre also features a 12,000 square foot twin gymnasium, fitness centre, a community kitchen, and multi-use and art rooms.